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Nautical Anchor Marine Rope Bracelets


Old Skipper brand has been created to inspire leaders, to raise self-esteem and build confidence. Designed to bring you compliments through their unique style and elegance, your confidence will grow and you will learn to stand by yourself, to fight for your believes and make the right choices in life. Buying one of our products will show everyone that you have character and you choose to be different by wearing what makes you happy not following the crowd.

A skipper require leadership skills, must be fearless and kind with a happy attitude and that is what Old Skipper brand stand for.

Our products are made to last a long time. A team of specially selected craftsmen are working daily to create these amazing products, individually, in our workshops in Europe. Their dedication and love for the brand are the ones inspiring our designers and will continue to redefine the models to make sure they will bring you joy and make you thrive through life with a big smile on your face.

We use only high quality materials such as Italian leather and Germany imported Marine Rope combined with top stainless steel laser engraved anchors produced in Romania.

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