Wholesale Partnership AU Catalog & Prices

Thank you for choosing to join our Old Skipper team! 


1) Click to download the Price List / Order Form and Catalog.


2) Fill out the Price List / Order Form. Type in quantities for the desired items. Fill in your company address and payment details. There is no minimum order as such but you will need to purchase enough to tell the Old Skipper story.

3) Save the document to your computer's desktop.

4) Email the Price List / Order Form as an attachment to hello@oldskipper.com.au.

5) If you have any questions about ordering, best sellers, availability or other issues, please feel free to call us at +61 469 073 601

If you need images and videos with our products please access the link below: 

Google Drive Old Skipper

Note: The Old Skipper website doesn't have a wholesale ordering back-end. Wholesale orders are placed solely by email and phone. Thanks !